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"Page not Found" when I try to reach my site

I am sure the site has been running fine - as far as we can tell. All sites show up from here. I am sitting about 10 miles away from the datacenter and I can reach all of the sites from here. I have ... View

CubeCart - can't update my homepage.

Question: When I try to update my homepage I lose all my pictures, text color, text positioning changes in CubeCart version 3 Answer:Set the file permissions on the language/en/ file to ... View

How do hackers attack my site?

Here is something to remember................... The iframe attacks from hackers are done by: Client side PC infected with virus. Virus gets FTP username/password from the FTP clients. Using the ... View

How to respond to Getty Images Lawsuits

Occasionally, and definitely much more recently, we receive frantic calls or emails from web hosting clients who live in the USA who are being threatened with lawsuits from Getty Images who claim ... View

Open DNS Server problem

When I go to and enter my domain name to test it I also get an error saying that I have an Open DNS server problem. Answer: That is a new test added to the original ... View