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Email Privacy

Both individuals and businesses increasingly require a high level of privacy in online communication to prevent their data from being monitored or accessed inappropriately. The right to privacy is an important principle protecting a person’s private sphere which in our modern society includes email communication. Meanwhile, intelligence agencies utilize surveillance technologies to monitor email communication in the perceived interest of national security. And some email providers screen email communication in order to display targeted advertisements to the user, or store message contents and personal data in order to extract information that may be shared with third parties for commercial gain (so-called “data mining”). As an email service located in Canada, we are committed to protecting our customers’ privacy as declared in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Specifically:

  • is a Canadian company and is subject to Canadian jurisdiction and privacy regulations.
  • stores your email and account data in Canada on our own servers in a secure facility.
  • will not disclose account information or email data to authorities unless presented with a Canadian court order.
  • will not transmit user data to a third party service.
  • will not give or sell your email address to a third party service.
  • will not use external tracking cookies to monitor usage.
  • as a hosting provider and ISP does not log any traffic from or to our servers.
  • offers secure encryption (SSL) on all connections to our servers, and attempts to use SSL on outgoing connections to other services.
  • uses Extended Validation SSL certificates to verify our identity.
  • enforces Perfect Forward Secrecy on all web connections to ensure that transmitted data cannot be decrypted retroactively by a third party

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