Notice - relay.expiry.com accounts only - settings change

  • Monday, 2nd August, 2010
  • 14:28pm
If  your Email program is suddenly asking for a different email login or password
and is showing a current username of "expiry" then this email probably affects you. If your
emails can be sent out with no problem you can ignore this email.

If you were using our relay.expiry.com email server to send emails instead of using
your own domain name email server - please change the relay.expiry.com login
username from "expiry" to the instructions at the en dof this annoucnment. Most of you
won't be using the relay.expiry.com email server so you can ignore
this if your emails are still being sent out as expected. If your outgoing SMTP
email username was not "expiry" - ignore this email. If your Outgoing SMTP server
settings do not have "relay.expiry.com" in it then ignore this email.

We had to switch to this new email account format to tighten down security on all
email accounts to reduce spamming activity from fake expiry accounts. The
relay.expiry.com service is an old one that most of our clients do not use anymore
so this email won't affect most of you.

If you are using Microsoft Outlook then go to "Tools/Account Settings" and select
and open your email account that uses Expiry email services. Click on the "More
Settings" link and then click on the "Outgoing Servers" tab.

This is the model of what it should be set to.

the incoming email server should be set to:

incoming email server: mail.yourdomainname.com
username: [email protected]
password: whatever you choose for your password.

Set outgoing server to use Authentication and select the option to use the same login as the incoming email user. Then do the same for every email user.

Gerry Bakker

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