Can I create printer-friendly / pdf pages in Sitebuilder Unfortunately such an option is not yet supported in Sitebuilder. Instead you can upload... Consider Font and Page Size When Writing for the Web By Clinton R. Lanier (c) 2010 Font type and size. What boring elements, but what important... Error: Directory /home/my-user/public_html/_mgxroot could not be created Such an error means: You have deleted your public_html folder. In this case please try... Error: You have a session already running This error means that your previous Sitebuilder session has been suddenly dropped. Still you... How can I edit my SiteBuilder site with FrontPage We do not recommend editing a site built in SiteBuilder with FrontPage. This may cause various... How can I insert JavaScript code to my SiteBuilder website? The free SiteBuilder package does not offer the option to insert JavaScript code. However, you... How can I insert PHP code to my SiteBuilder website? Inserting PHP code is a feature which is available only in SiteBuilder Pro.  You can add... How can I publish my SiteBuilder site under a subdomain / sub directory In order to publish your site to a specific directory / subdomain you have to use the PRO version... How to Center my SiteBuilder Site. By default, when you publish a website built with SiteBuilder, it is positioned to the left. To... How to add Google Analytics to Zen Sitebuilder In order to use Google Analytics with your Zen SiteBuilder, you need to upgrade it to the Pro... How to change SiteBuilder’s default email? By default, SiteBuilder’s "Contact Us" page mails are sent to the following email address:... How to change the favicon in SiteBuilder? To add a favicon to your SiteBuilder site, first you need to create the favicon image. This can... How to change the template in Sitebuilder In order to change the site template in SiteBuilder, follow the steps below: Log in to your... How to clear the cache in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and Chrome Here are instructions on how to clear your cache in the following browsers: Firefox: Open... How to combine SiteBuilder with another application? A site built in SiteBuilder cannot co-exist with another application in the same directory. If... How to copy / paste in Sitebuilder? Sitebuilder will not allow you to directly paste text copied from another program. This is a... How to create an e-shop with SiteBuilder? Setting a simple online shop with the SiteBuilder is easy. All you need to do is create a... How to create more sites with SiteBuilder? By default SiteBuilder can create only one site and it will be placed in the webroot directory of... How to edit Sitebuilder’s style sheets? You can edit Sitebuilder’s style sheets ONLY when using its Pro version. This option can be... How to edit the META tags in SiteBuilder? In order to edit the META tags in SiteBuilder you should first upgrade to SiteBuilder Pro.... How to install and use BIMPLite to upload pictures to SiteBuilder At the moment SiteBuilder has a wrong link for the downloading of BIMPLite.exe Use the 2 links... How to log in SiteBuilder? In order to log in Sitebuilder please go to: http://yourdomain.com/zen Above use your... How to password protect pages with SiteBuilder? There is no problem to password protect one or more of your pages built with SiteBuilder.... How to remove a site built in Sitebuilder? The correct way of doing this is to log in your Sitebuilder and choose to “Unpublish” it. The... How to rename a page in Sitebuilder You can easily rename pages in Sitebuilder by clicking on the page name that you want to change... How to stretch pages in Sitebuilder? You can stretch pages in Sitebuilder only with its Pro version. Unfortunately the standard... How to use SiteBuilder on Mac / Linux OS? SiteBuilder’s current stable version is fully compatible with all popular browsers and... I cannot edit text in my SiteBuilder website Usually this issue is caused by overlapping parts of your website. For example, you have added... I want to place photos in the header area on the Home Page Question: I am using Site Builder. I want to place photos in the header area on the Home Page. I... I would like to remove my SiteBuilder site and create a new one with FrontPage or DreamWeaver or Expression Web In order to remove your SiteBuilder site and create a new one with FrontPage or DreamWeaver or... Images do not load in the SiteBuilder admin backend Usually the reason for this issue is that you didn’t access Sitebuilder by your domain name.... Internal error encountered (Cannot connect to user_database) Internal error encountered (Cannot connect to user_database) The most common reason for this... Is it possible to change the URLs of the pages in Sitebuilder? Unfortunately no URL rewriting is supported by Sitebuilder. It uses a complex structure for its... Is it possible to use other templates in Sitebuilder? Unfortunately Sitebuilder does not offer options to use any external templates with it. Is the source code for my Sitebuilder pages available? Unfortunately Sitebuilder does not provide access to the full source code of your pages because... My SiteBuilder files and links changed to .php. Why is that? This happens when you use the PHP Script widget in order to add PHP code to your website. Since... My SiteBuilder links are not working The issue is usually caused by a too long header text or blank lines at the end of your website... My Sitebuilder PayPal button is not working. This issue is usually encountered when you are testing your website with the “Preview” option.... Password is correct but still cannot log in Sitebuilder There is a little chance that a special character like “%” in your password prevents... Site Builder - how do I access it? To access Site Builder you need to have an account on one of our newer servers and of course all... SiteBuilder Process FTP Upload error? When you try to batch upload large amount of pictures in your SiteBuilder, you may encounter the... SiteBuilder – This user-id is already signed on using another browser If you cannot log into your SiteBuilder normally and you are constantly encountering this error... SiteBuilder – account not activated In some rare cases the automatic activation system fails, thus we have to activate your... SiteBuilder ‘Contact Us’ page does not work The default SiteBuilder "Contact Us" form is sending the entered information to... SiteBuilder's Contact Us Form Setting up the Contact Us form is very easy but it always seems to be a mystery as to where to... SiteBuilder: an error occurred while processing this directive The most common reason for this issue with your SiteBuilder is that the main file in your... Sitebuilder - The "logo place holder" is still visible with my newly updated & published website..... how can I get rid of it? Double click on it and set it to "none". The old placeholder will return should you later decide... Sitebuilder Pro Widgets Explained SiteBuilder Pro offers six different types of widgets which allow you to personalize your... What is the Form Mailer Box in Sitebuilder? The Form Mailer Box in Sitebuilder allows you to create email forms for your visitors to fill in... What is the difference between pro and normal SiteBuilder. If you are willing to take website creation to the next level, then our SiteBuilder Pro is the... What search engine optimization does Sitebuilder offer? In case you’d like to specify meta tags for search engine optimization you will need Sitebuilder Pro ereg_replace deprecated PHP function ereg_replaceIf you have a sitebuilder site with errors showing like this after trying to post a...
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