A simple guide to .htaccess What is .htaccessThe .htaccess file is a simple text file (in ASCII format). In general you can... All files created by some scripts use Apache and are owned by Apache (755) and therefore can not be edited or deleted by me. How can I fix it? This is normal behavior for a web server. DirectAdmin File Manager allows you to fix this... Change The Default Index Files! Change Default Index Files Most web-domains setup your account to use a specific file extension... Change Time Zone with htaccess In my server there are some sites from Turkey, some of from England, some of from Germany. I... Cubecart - where can I find new color schemes - SKINS Just Google "cubecart skins" and you'll see lots of vendors for your Version 3 cubecart site. My... Enabling Cookies in your Browser Enabling CookiesProblems with placing orders online? If you are experiencing technical... Expressions Web 2 - from Microsoft Microsoft's new "Expressions Web 2" software looks and feels like FrontPage. Their earlier... Filezilla FTP keeps getting blocked - why? The reason is that FileZilla uses too many concurrent sessions to upload files - basically... Flash Tutorials Our Flash Tutorials are here to help you fully utilise your web hosting control panel. Choose a... Font Basics for Branding Your Small Business There are many components of a brand identity: logo, color palette, font choice, and the Visual... Font Basics for Branding Your Small Business Form2Mail - how to install Easiest Form2Mail The newest release is 2.1 Why should I use Easiest Form2Mail ?... How do I block an IP address from accessing my site? In order to block a certain IP Address from access to your site you can add the following to the... How do I sign up for a PayPal merchant account? We take care of customers from around the world! Don't Have a Paypal Merchant Account? Click... How do I update my domain name contact information?     Login to the member/billing system at http://expiry.com/members/ and there are 2 places to... How do you automatically forward a web site to another URL, preferrably using HTML? Redirecting with HTTP-EQUIV Refresh The "Refresh" HTTP-EQUIV meta-tag allows you to specify a... How to add Frame Forwarding to your website or domain name. How to add Frame Forwarding to your website Last Modified: Aug 6, 2005, 11:17 am... How to add a PRINT button to your web page. Print Button You can easily add a print button or link to your web page.... How to add a Start Button to Windows 8 to make it feel a bit more like Windows 7 Use The Taskbar One of the best interface features new to Windows 7 was the ability to pin... How to get blocked by our Firewall so that you can't reach your site or get email. Sometimes, when you are trying to upload a lot of files to your site using FTP your access to the... How to install Joomla 1.5X using Installatron Using installatron to install the latest Joomla is fairly simple. Go ahead and start the process... How to install and use WS_FTP to move files to and from a website What is It WS_FTP is a program that allows you to transfer files from your computer to another... How to renew your digital certificate in DirectAdmin How to renew a digital certificate for a client's site in DirectAdminThe entire key to success or... I can't access the DirectAdmin control panel from my new computer Question:I can't access the DirectAdmin control panel from my new computer.Answer:I believe the... KompoZer is a complete web authoring system Easy web... Microsoft Expression Web - using FTP to publish to your website space you can publish you web site from within Expression Web. With Expression Web Open and Your... NVU - Tutorials available here The New NVU User Guide is a large PDF file formatted like a book. Nicely written and full of all... Register_Globals Use .htaccess to turn on or off PHP Register Globals without editing your php.ini. This... Server Side Includes If server side includes don't work for you(they should - we provide that capability standard with... Setting Up DreamWeaver CS-3 Setting up DreamWeaver CS-3 for use on expiry.com websites. Replace yoursite.com with... Setting of "register_globals" Setting of "register_globals":register_globals is a PHP setting that controls... Setting up DreamWeaver 2004MX Setting up DreamWeaver 2004MX for use on expiry.com websites.Replace yourdomain.com with your... So, You Want A Meta Command, Huh? Before we get started... This page uses things called "meta" commands. What you will... Turn off and disable magic_quotes_gpc in .htaccess It’s not only insecure but it inconveniently commands the use of PHP function stripslashes()... Using FTP with Microsoft FrontPage Microsoft FrontPage supports two methods of publishing files to a web... Using Site Builder in a subdomain Question: I used sitebuilder to create my main website but I would like to create a new and... Webalizer - what do all those usage fields mean - Quick Help Webalizer Quick Help Main Headings Hits represent the total number of requests made to the... Website traffic statistics Question:I was hoping to find out how many hits the website gets. How do I go about checking the... What is the "Domain Alias" feature What is the "Domain Alias" feature? I have never seen such a thing in my searches of... Wordpress Users - recommended free tool to scan your site and find hacker files installed on your site. Install the plugin called WordFence. It is free with an option for a premium service. I don't... be on the lookout for these common grammatical slip-ups Takeaway: Sending a less-than-perfect e-mail to a friend is one thing; mistakes aren't really a... iWeb - avoiding long URLs in iWeb If you use iWeb, you already know that when you type in your website’s URL, once you are taken... iWeb Publishing using FTP to expiry.com web servers If you're unfamiliar with iWeb '09, I'll say this: It does what it does well. If your goal is to...
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