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CentralNic Alternative Domain Names
us.comUnited Stateseu.comEurope
se.com & se.netSwedensa.comSaudi Arabia
ru.comRussian Federationuk.com & uk.netUnited Kingdom
uy.comUruguayza.comSouth Africa
Potential Uses For .us.com, .eu.com & others:

New Businesses Coming Online That Want Descriptive Domains
(e.g., wirelessphones.us.com or builders.us.com)

Corporate Entities To Protect Their Digital Brands
(e.g., AT&T, & BMW)

Existing Businesses That Want To Shorten Their Domains
(e.g., JrcIndustriesInc.com >> jrc.us.com)

Online Businesses That Want Rare Keywords in Their Domains
(e.g., NameRegistration.us.com or OnlineMarketing.us.com)

Personal Users That Didn't Get to Own Their Surnames
(e.g., Harris.us.com or Martin.us.com)

Who is CentralNic?
CentralNic is a domain name registry based in the UK, supplying 2nd level domains such as us.com, offering further choice to the present domain name market.

Do I have to be a resident of the country that I buy the domain for?
No. There are no restrictions or rules when registering these domains, unlike other domains which require you to be a citizen of the country in order to make a purchase.
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