Manage all of your sites from within our members area without logging in to each site.

We've made everything whole lot easier to find and manage on your own. You can manage almost everything at your hosting account control panel directly from within the member area instead of having to find and then log in to your web hosting accounts.We now offer "Mass Pay" to pay multiple invoices with a single payment and "Renew your domain name ... Read More »

30th Aug 2015
Great News!!! All users now have full control over their domain name Host Records

Great News!!! All users now have full control over their domain name Host Records from within your members area. If you manage domain names with us that don't point to web hosting at's servers then you will be thrilled with this announcement.Check it out!  Log in with your billing email address and passwords to see our all new ... Read More »

29th Aug 2015
NSA free email services - get your privacy back now.

For all you Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook365 and Cable or Bell email account users out there that are getting a bit uncomfortable with the NSA reading every one of your emails we provide a secure email service in Canada where the NSA can’t force us to reveal your email contents.

11th Jun 2014
Email Only services expanded to serve Wix and Weebly users

For all you Wix and Weebly users out there we have put together the perfect solution for all your Email requirements. Now you can have your fancy website and matching email accounts in a safe environment that is completely transparent to your site visitors. It's easy to sign up and add email with a few small changes to your DNS that we can do ... Read More »

11th Jun 2014 - makes major investment in new hardware/software infrastructure.

At - we have just made a major investment in new hardware/software infrastructure that will serve everyone at with better and faster products and services. In the next few weeks we will begin an aggessive marketing campaign to add at least 1000 new web hosting clients in the next 9 months. We need the 1000 new web hosting ... Read More »

6th Jan 2011
All web hosting accounts were successfully converted to DirectAdmin Control Panel

All web hosting accounts were successfully converted to DirectAdmin Control Panel accounts and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Everybody seems ot appreciate the elegantly simple and direct access to the important features in web hosting as compared to the previously confusing and complicated Plesk servers we used to use. Now ... Read More »

24th Dec 2010
We've switched to DirectAdmin Control Panel to make things easier for everyone.

If you have been using's web hosting for the last year you'll know that it was on the Plesk control panel. Many of you love Plesk because it looks so cool with all of those icons and loads of nested options (sometimes 5 or 6 levels deep) but to many others it has been a confusing and frustrating experience. Supporting the buggy Plesk ... Read More »

21st Sep 2010
Notice - accounts only - settings change

If your Email program is suddenly asking for a different email login or passwordand is showing a current username of "expiry" then this email probably affects you. If youremails can be sent out with no problem you can ignore this email.If you were using our email server to send emails instead of usingyour own domain name email ... Read More »

2nd Aug 2010
Multi-Currency Payments now available - Pay online in USA or Canadian Dollars.

Multi-Currency Payments now available - Pay in USA or Canadian Dollars. We keep adding on new features as quick as we can for your benefit and this one is appreciated by our Canadian customers. Now Canadian dollar transactions stay in Canadian Dollars so that your Credit Card statement shows the amount you hoped it would instead of some converted ... Read More »

1st May 2010
New billing and support system installed to serve you better than ever.

Good morning everyone. Today we are announcing the addition of new staff members Gerry and David Bakker and the entirely new and optimized billing system and client support portal that features a single login to all of your domain names, email and hosting accounts. Gerry and David have been working for weeks to implement this new system for your ... Read More »

28th Mar 2010