Good morning everyone. Today we are announcing the addition of new staff members Gerry and David Bakker and the entirely new and optimized billing system and client support portal that features a single login to all of your domain names, email and hosting accounts. Gerry and David have been working for weeks to implement this new system for your benefit. We believe and we know, from past experience, that these changes are a positive move to simplified control of all of your domain name and hosting assets. We know that this proven system allows you to have immediate access to everything you need – no waiting for anyone to call back or to set anything up for you – you are put in control of all of this – you can always call for help – that doesn’t change but you will now be able to do 95%+ of what you used to wait for us to do. In most cases you will be able to do 100% of your own account maintenance yourself.    

 This new client support portal also features a wonderful support ticket system that should be used to track all questions and answers so that our clients can track everything ever said and done to help them keep their businesses on track. Phone calls are always welcome and in line with these streamlined customer support and single login features we are also reducing the possible number of phone numbers down to one 800 phone number and one regular phone number (for all of those out of our American and Canadian area code zone).

 We are also introducing the ability to process Visa, MasterCard, American Express and a few new credit/debit cards as well as wired bank transfers – all because of our new billing system capabilities. We have been using this incredible new billing/support system in a sister hosting company for 2 years and kept putting off the upgrades to our 10 year old accounting systems at because of the onerous task of translating all systems from old to new. The move has been a monstrous undertaking but we are certain you will love the results of our hard work. We are certain that there will be a few accounts that are not quite perfectly translated between systems but we are certain that those discrepancies will be fixed within minutes of your alert to any problems you might discover when you login to view your domain names and hosting accounts - just send us a support ticket detailing any discrepancies you discover and we will immediately reconcile them against our old accounting systems.

 Please login to our billing/support system to add your credit card or payment details so that automatic billing can continue – the only data we could not move to the new system was credit card details because credit card details are encrypted so that we can never read them or use them without your permission.

 To receive your new password for this billing system click on the “Request a Password Reset” link under the login at the top of our website. You’ll receive it immediately in your email if our records match your current email address.

 If you do not update your billing information with new credit card information your sites will be automatically suspended when they are 5 days overdue. Don’t worry – we send out plenty of email notices during the month it will become due – that should give you lots of time to respond and pay before they are due. We will accept cheques/checks as payment but they must now be sent to our Canadian mail address only - we accept checks in USA dollars. We found that 99% of our payments were made online which has removed the need for a US postal mailing address. It seems that good old fashioned cheques/checks are on their way out in this modern payment processing world. If you still send cheques/checks we still accept them as long as banks do but please consider using our online payment methods instead.

 If you are Canadian you will notice a few differences in your pricing – we have standardized all pricing in USA dollars to simplify and to automate accounting. All previously higher Canadian domain name and hosting prices are now on par with the US pricing and will remain there forever because the internet commerce currency is the US dollar. Even though our offices and web servers are in Canada we pay our hosting fees and bandwidth and domain registrations in US dollars – that is simply how it is done in this industry. Accounts with Canadian addresses will still have to pay PST and GST/HST on their hosting plans. Everyone else in the world to not have to pay any Canadian sales taxes to us or their local governments – if you live outside of Canada your webhosting is tax free.

 Please note that all snail mail will now be directed to our new Canadian mailing address – we are closing down the USA postal drop box address effective immediately. You will find all new and current contact addresses and phone numbers on our “Contact Us” page on our website.

 Over the coming weeks we will be ironing out the few kinks that might be left or discovered as a result of  this massive upgrade but we are certain, based on the experience at our sister company, that the net result will be wonderful for everyone involved.

 You will still be able to contact Trevor in support and Pam in accounting during this upgrade transition period. You will also be served by our new support staff members - Gerry and David. We are not changing your domain name accounts - we are not changing any hosting accounts or email accounts – everything you used to do you can still do the way you used to do them – what will change is your new centralized access to all of these through our new systems – you will probably find things much easier to deal with as a result of this upgrade but you most certainly won’t have any big or uncomfortable adjustments to make.

 We have also upgraded our website to a completely new website. We have not changed the actual website message but the formatting has changed and is now in our new Content Management System based format which will allow us to make changes to the site as necessary with no disruption to your access when changes are made. At this point we simply moved all of the content from the old site to the new site so you should see pretty much what you saw before but in a new modern format. Over the next 6 months we will be reviewing and simplifying the content of the retail website to make it even easier to navigate through. You can see that optimization already applied to our “Support” system when you click on that link from our main menu in the website. Those website content changes will make it easier for new prospective clients (your friends) to find what they need and want to buy. Our new support system makes it easier for you (who already have accounts with us) to find and maintain what you already use at If you see any problems or mistakes on our new website be sure to drop us a note to point them out – a new set of eyes is always appreciated when reviewing new website content.

 We hope and expect that you will also be as excited and enthused about these changes as we are – these changes were a long time coming and even overdue but they are here for the benefit of everyone – thank you for your patience in the past and during our next few weeks as we shake out any hidden bugs as a result of this massive move.


 The staff at

Sunday, March 28, 2010

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