If you have been using Expiry.com's web hosting for the last year you'll know that it was on the Plesk control panel.

Many of you love Plesk because it looks so cool with all of those icons and loads of nested options (sometimes 5 or 6 levels deep) but to many others it has been a confusing and frustrating experience. Supporting the buggy Plesk control panel has also been a frustrating experience for us on the web hosting end of things because we knew there was a better and elegantly simpler way to get the same things done.

Note:We will continue to support anyone who wishes to stay on the Plesk platform (no existing websites will be forced to move to DirectAdmin) but we hope that eventually everyone will switch to the DirectAdmin control panel simply because it is better for everyone's sanity and safety.

As some of you know Expiry.com was sold to us in March 2010 and at that time we pledged to make things better for everyone. The first thing we did was implement a great self serve billing and support system that ties everything together into one place so nothing gets lost. That worked great!!! Now everyone can get much faster service as a result.

We wanted to do the same thing for any Plesk users that  wanted a much faster web site with easier management of everything. That is why all new accounts will be using DirectAdmin. If you have a current Plesk based site with us we will be happy to help you migrate your website and email accounts to the DirectAdmin Control Panel. DirectAdmin offers 3 great webmail services, Horde, Squirrelmail and Roundcube so you have plenty of choices between them. Please let us know if you want to move from the Plesk platform to DirectAdmin. DirectAdmin web hosting comes standard with unlimited email accounts and free SPAM filtering on all accounts - we wanted to make this significant addition of free spam filtering to make everyone's life easier to cope with and manage in the email world. We hope you make the switch to take advantage of these new free services - you will be happy you did.

Gerry, David and Ross


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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