At - we have just made a major investment in new hardware/software infrastructure that will serve everyone at with better and faster products and services. In the next few weeks we will begin an aggessive marketing campaign to add at least 1000 new web hosting clients in the next 9 months. We need the 1000 new web hosting clients to help us pay for that new infrastructure investment over the next year. We hope you'll join our efforts to bring in new clients as it is to everyone's benefit to build this community together. The more clients we have the stronger we become as we meet new expectations for a very competitive dollar. We know we already provide one of the most competitive BUSINESS web hosting packages on the planet but that mark in the sand keeps moving so we intend to meet real competition with real improvements on our end so that we can continue to earn the right to renew our yearly business with you.

Please  - join us in this positive move forward.

Each one of you can also earn cash or web hosting credit by referring clients to Just login to your Member/billing account and apply to become an AFFILIATE and we'll pay you 15% on all new referrals. Think of it - just 8 referrals equals a free year of web hosting - not a hard target to meet.


Gerry and Dave


Thursday, January 6, 2011

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