Why should I choose expiry.com over other hosting sites?

Dear future expiry.com hosting client,

that is a very good question. Your choice will depend very much on your perception of each web host that you are considering.

Many of our competitors offer the earth, the moon and the stars with every hosting plan they provide. Many offer unrealistic amounts of free bandwidth and disk space. We don't offer those things because we simply refuse to lie in order to get your business.

We have been around for a long time and will continue to be here for our thousands of clients for years to come because we run a sensible business that is fueled by repeat business based on fair prices in exchange for fair value. We have a business model that ensures our long term stability as compared to the others that are spending their investor's money like as if it was water being flushed down the drain. We have no investors, we have clients that appreciate our superior level of service and attention to detail that they cannot find elsewhere.

So ...... whom you choose to host your web sites is mostly a result of your perception of reality and your gut feelings about who you can trust. Just remember - there are no free rides in this world where bandwidth actually costs $1 per GB of bandwidth and hard drives do not have unlimited space. Everything costs real money. We make sure we charge enough to recover our costs to ensure we will be here to serve your hosting needs. We are stable - they usually are not. The choice is yours. We hope you join us.
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