Wordpress Users - recommended free tool to scan your site and find hacker files installed on your site.

Install the plugin called WordFence. It is free with an option for a premium service. I don't recommend the premium service unless you want to automate the security for your website.

Running Wordfence once will find and help you fix everything the bad guys have done to your website. If your site is getting hacked or is sending loads of spam email or is getting blacklisted for bad links in your website then Wordfence is the tool to use to find all of these things and fix them yourself.

To do this just log into your Wordpress site "Admin" panel and go to "Plugins" and then "Add New" at the top of the page and enter "Wordfence" in the search. Install it and get aquanted with it to do a scan. If you want a more thorough scan then go to the Wordfence Options page and check the options for:

Scan theme files against repository versions for changes


Scan plugin files against repository versions for changes




then save the options and start the scan.

We have tried this on several big problem sites and found all of the bad guy's stuff and deleted or fixed the problems that allowed hem to come and hack a site ven after we thought we found everything. This is a real time and hassle saver for everyone.

Again, it costs nothing and it fixes everything related to security and hacker proofing your site.

Go to www.wordfence.com to read all about this wonderful life changing plugin.
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