How does the domain renewal process work

I'm happy with my first year's hosting experience with your organization. How does the renewal process work because I want to be certain that I will not be dropped! Will I be billed? If so, how far before my account's expiration? What do I need to know and do to make sure this all happens smoothly?

The yearly renewal process is simple. We send out an invoice 35 days before it expires to give people time to get their money together and pay directly from our emailed invoice which will have the various payment options directly on the invoice. We also send several more emails reminding them that it is about to expire if they don't renew it on time.

If you have used a credit card to pay for the original signup and it is still valid then we will automatically take payment for the renewal the same day as the invoice is created. If the credit card has expired we will send you an email telling you that it is the case and ask you to log in and update it.

If you paid with PayPal there is a nice PayPal pay now button on the invoice that will take you directly to the PayPal payment page and complete the renewal for you.

If you don't renew on time then the domain name wil be suspended and the site will be dead. You have 30 days to renew the domain name after it has expired. Once you cross that 30 day line the domain name goes to a "Redemption period" where it costs you the original renewal amount plus an extra $200 dollars to renew it. This redemption period can last anywhere from 43 to 90 days and there is no way out of it. Once it is out of the redemption period anyone can buy your domain name. The bottom line is don't let it expire if it is important to you.

These rules are completely out of our control and there is no forgiveness or slack in any of these rules.
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