I can't access the DirectAdmin control panel from my new computer

Question:I can't access the DirectAdmin control panel from my new computer.

I believe the problem is that your firewall on your new computer is blocking access to port #2222. To prove this - turn off the firewall and try again. It should work properly. If it does then you need to open your firewall set up and add port #2222 as an allowed open port. Once you have added it to your firewall - reactivate the firewall and try again - it should work.

Here are a few other things to check.

1) check your browser settings - are cookies turned off? They need to be turned on.

2) If you are using the AOL supplied browser it is likely the problem. Try using FireFox or the standard IE6 instead of the AOL version of IE.

3) If you have installed Google Enhanced Search it can interfere with this as well. Uninstall it and try again.

4) you might have installed a FireWall that is blocking Port # 2222 - add this port number to the firewall. The firewall could be an external one like your internet Router or it could be software firewalls like McAfee or Norton Anitvirus or Microsoft firewalls.
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