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Why Pay For Email

Are You Wondering Why You Should Use A Paid Email Service?

It is a fact that companies like Google and Microsoft offer free email services. So why would a person pay for email service?

First of all: is a first class, professional email and web hosting service. We offer state of the art solutions and are dedicated to providing powerful and user-friendly email services.
Second: The Email Service is absolutely ad-free, while for instance Gmail analyzes all messages looking for hooks so that they can show related ads in your web browser. The Email Service is entirely neutral and clean, while Google puts more and more effort into tuning their ad offerings. That is how they make money.
Third: is regulated by a strong privacy legislation that protects your data, and we enforce a strict Privacy Policy. In fact, Canada is a pioneer in this area. Canada also enforces strict legislation for consumer rights.
Fourth: will never use the contents of your messages or other data in any other context such as some email providers do. Gmail, for instance, state in their Terms of Service that they reserve the right to use, reproduce, and publish any content you send through their services.
And finally: gives you personal support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long. In addition, the Support Center provides an extensive Knowledge Base, where you may find answers yourself and from the Staff.

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