Squirrelmail and Nutsmail Settings

I've upgraded Squirrelmail with many new features and would like to suggest that you set your Squirrelmail settings as outlined below. Squirrelmail and Nutsmail is much better than our webmail solution and if you make the changes as suggested you'll have a very useful and familiar looking email interface. Nutsmail has the most installed options.



Log into your Squirrelmail or Nutsmail  account and click on options. Have fun.

My favorite Display Preferences are
Theme: Default
Custom Stylesheet:tahoma 10
Show Message Preview Pane:yes
Split Preview Pane Vertically::no
Default Email Composition Format: HTML
Only Reply In HTML When Viewing HTML Format:No
Only Allow Unsafe Images In HTML Replies When Viewing Unsafe Images:No
HTML Editor Type:FCKeditor

My Favorite Folder Preferences are
Show Folder Sizes: As link under folder list
On Folders page:yes
With subtotals:yes

My Favorite Index Order
up | down | remove - Checkbox
up | down | remove - Flags
up | down | remove - From
up | down | - Subject
up | down | remove - Date

Set up the Message Filters to sort your email in Folders including new ones you've created.

Then set the NewMail option to play your favorite "You've got mail" message.

Once you've got this far you'll have a very nicely behaved and useful configuration that everybody will recognize as a better than Yahoo or Google mail system with WYSIWYG email editing and lots of graphical icons to help make sense of an otherwise very bland interface.

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