I have made changes to my site but I can't see them.

I have made changes to my website but I can't see them when I visit my site with my web browser. My friends can see the changes from their computers at different locations. Why can't I?

Apparently a web router somewhere between you and the web server is not refreshing properly and keeps delivering the old version of the web page or that message. If you use Internet Explorer and press "Control F5" on your keyboard then it will force the internet to re-load your website from your site's web server instead of from your hard drive or from the bad router.

Give it a try. If that worked then you need to change a setting in Internet Explorer to load your pages on "Every Visit to the Page" instead of "Automatically". You will find the settings in Internet Explorer under /Tools/Internet Options/General/Temporary Internet Files/Settings/Check for Newer Versions of Stored Pages/Every Visit to the Page

The "Automatically" setting only goes to your hard drive to deliver a page so it isn't the best setting to have because you won't get an accurate view of your web site's most recent changes. When you change the setting to "Every Visit to the Page" it will force your browser to look on the web server every time you ask for any page. Basically the same as hitting "Control F5" every time.
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